Sunday, November 21, 2010

Long Time, No See

    Okay, so I guess now I know why I'll never make it as a committed writer or blogger....It's been almost 2 months since I've checked in here.  My how time flies when we're having fun!!!!
    All things considered, not much is new.  I suffered from a really nasty sinus/respiratory infection for 7 weeks in the fall, and that threw me for a loop!  I'm guessing my compromised immune system had a lot to do with it, but then again, others I know had the same condition.   The worst part was the inner ear involvement which then brought on severe vertigo.  Never had it before, and hope I never have it again!!  Innumerable dr. visits and 3 antibiotics later, I now realize how bad I reallly felt!
     HCV wise, we're plugging along.  I'm at week 34.  Almost half way to the ideal treatment length, and 3/4 to the minimal treatment time of 48 weeks.  I can't deny that I'm really tired of it!!  I push myself to get through the things I have to do, and am getting better about prioritizing extra stuff.  I've thrown in the towel on a lot of my independence, and let my husband drive me around to do the week-end errands. 
    Symptom wise, I think the hair is the worst for me to deal with.   I still have some, and I admit there are lots of people out there who would be thrilled to have what I have. But my hair used to be one of my very best assets, and now it is flat, coarse, and unresponsive.  I've gone to  a very short "pixie" cut, that still looks awful, and I am seriously considering a wig.  My doctor assures me that it will grow back when this is all done; seems like a long ways away! 
     Otherwise, I continue to be tired, my skin is very dry, but knock on wood, I haven't developed a true riba rash.  I have restless leg syndrome, particularly on the week-ends after my injections, and get lots of aches, pains, etc.  But it is tolerable.  I notice that I have more "brain fog" lately, and try to be careful about what I say and where. 
      I appreciate the support I have from all those who are seeing me through this journey.  I am realizing that it is a long road, and wish there was more recognition of it and support for it in a public way.  For example, I could really benefit from some of the American Cancer Society's resources for dealing with my appearance, i.e. hair loss and make-up needs.  But I hesitate to fib my way into a meeting by projecting that I have some sort of cancer.  That's just bad karma as far as I am concerned.  Most people just don't realize what a full plate HCV and treatment is.
    Wishing you all Thanksgiving blessings.  Thank you for your interest, hope, and prayers.