Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 24. 48 To Go

   I guess it's a good sign that I don't feel the need to blog as often as I originally did!  It's been 3 weeks, and I really don't have a lot to comment on! 
   I'm not experiencing any new or changed symptoms at this point.  I am working and giving it my all, very tired when I finally do slow down or stop, and pretty wiped out on week-ends.  My hair loss seems to never slow down, but thanks to a wonderful hair-dresser, and good genes, it's not real noticeable.  I do get a bit freaked in the shower, when I wash it and end up with hair all over my face, like a spider web!  And I try to be aware of my shoulders during the day and brush off my clothes.  I keep wondering how this will end up, and if ultimately I'll end up with a wig or funky hat.  But in the long run, that's now a lot to worry about.
    Good friends of ours came to visit Friday night and brought food with them!  It is so relaxing to be able to stay home and just enjoy the company.  Again, old friendships come with many blessings!
    We went out of town for the 3rd time since treatment began on Saturday. We're used to driving a lot, and usually I can't keep my eyes open.  But I'm finding I can't really relax, and have a hard time sleeping in the car.  Not a good thing if that's the only available time to rest!  We enjoyed checking on our boat at the marina, and went on to spend the night with good friends.  It was good to get away again, but I was wiped out by Monday!
    So I just realized I am 33% of the way through this!!  That's a milestone I can sink my teeth into!  Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers and good wishes!  No news is usually good news with me!  

Sunday, September 5, 2010

No News Is Good News

I realize it's been awhile since I last posted, and I guess that is as good a sign as any that I am getting along okay.  I haven't felt that there was really anything noteworthy to post about!
  We got away for a week in August, and it went well.  My family took good care of me during our visit, and I consciously cut back on making plans ahead of time.  Usually I want to go, go, go, and not waste a minute; I used my time wisely and made sure that I had the energy for priorities such as visiting with my dad.  We took 36 hours away from family and toured 2 Frank Lloyd Wright houses and spent the night in a charming old inn on a mountain side!  And we even managed to pull off a wonderful day of visiting with 2 out of town cousins! 
   Adrenalin kicked in as I spent the next week preparing for the school year.  I amazed myself that I could push so hard and get a lot done.  I worked in my classroom for 4 out of 5 days, straight through the day.  Every teacher knows that organization and planning ahead of the students' arrival pays off hugely for the entire year.  I didn't get it ALL done, but feel satisfied that I'm on the way.  This week I put 2 official days in, met some of my students, but really begin teaching for real in 2 days. 
    I saw the dr and had blood work done, and it continues to hold very steady and strong.  I have been so very lucky that I am responding to and tolerating this treatment so well.  That being said, I've had a tough week-end again.  Very little energy and ambition, lots of heavy duty naps, and not much accomplished.  Tomorrow is Labor Day and hopefully I will wake up bright-eyed and bush-tailed to finish up what I need to do. 
    That's about it.  This is week 19.  Ideally I have 53 more to go.  It is a way of life, but not too exciting at this point.  Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, and well-wished!