Saturday, May 1, 2010

1 Down 47 To Go

May 1, 2010   Last night I began my treatment protocol.  Took a Ribasphere after dinner, and waited for the shot until I was ready to go to sleep.  It's amazing how easily it all came back; shaking the vial, attaching the needle, picking out a site, etc.  Steve was a tower of strength, and got it all ready for me, but I still like to do the injection myself.
   I had a good night's sleep, and woke up feeling groggy.  But, ask my family, I am not a morning person on the best of days!  I have taken it easy all day, took a 3 hour nap at noon, and actually went on an outing alone in my car to pick up dry cleaning!  After several cups of coffee, I switched to water.  At least 80 oz is recommended for me a day!  It will take me a while to work up to that, but I am definitely thirsty and dry. 
   I'm now trying to make a decision about attending a birthday party this evening.  I really want to go and proved to myself that I won't let this get me down, but there's a part of me that wants to stay home.  I have another hour to make a decision!
   Thank you to everyone who has offered good wished on my blog!  I am flattered that so many checked it out as soon as I shared the address!  I'm working on a counter for viewers, but haven't figured out the tech part of that yet!

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