Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Month Is History

     Things are going pretty much as expected here.  Its been 4 full weeks since I began treatment, and I'm really beginning to feel it now.  I am very tired, not interested in much, losing my appetite, and pretty lackadaisical.  It's a gorgeous Memorial Day week-end, and I've spent most of it bed! 
     Had an MRI of my liver on Wednesday to keep tabs on any possible malignant developments.  I've had MRI's before, but this one seemed particularly cramped and loud.  I asked the nurses what accommodations they make for patients who are on the heftier side.....I mean I'm not tiny, but pretty average size when it gets down to it.   She said they have machines that are bigger, but if there are really really bigger patients they send them to the Penn veterinarian campus.  I thought that was really interesting!
     This week's blood work was a biggie!!   First test for viral load since I began treatment.  Won't hear back for a week or so, but anxious to see that number.  Also, I expect the hemoglobin levels to be really down, which would explain my tiredness.  They have to crash before I can start the Procrit to build them back up again.  I am hoping that once that happens, I'll be able to stabilize a bit for the long term.
    Fruit is the only food that I want to eat.   I forced down a half of a corned beef sandwich this afternoon, and then enjoyed some watermelon!!  It's so ironic for me, who has absolutely loved food her whole life!!  I can't tolerate coke or Pepsi now...sends me in to a total indigestion fit.   But ginger ale seems to help, and those tiny spice gumdrops help keep the bad taste out of my mouth. 
     Glad I still have tomorrow off before I go back to work.  I still have about 20 days of school left, so summer seems a long way off yet.  Happy Memorial Day and take time to stop and thank those who have served our country, and the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  God Bless America

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