Sunday, May 9, 2010

Waiting for the pounce

It's been a good week, all things considered.  Worked all 5 days, even had after school stuff a couple of nights, and getting a good night's sleep.  We even took a spontaneous week-end trip to Virginia to catch up with old friends!  I figured we'd better do it now, while I'm feeling this strong, just in case.....  I still got my Saturday long nap in, and managed to last longer into the evening than I expected!!
   One of the major side effects is the anemia induced by it.   Since I have increased the ribivirin by 50%, it would be naive of me to think I can escape that.  My hemoglobin plunged last time and I was worn out.  It is reported that many are effected by the 3rd week, so I'm sort of waiting for the pounce.  Although I'm tired now, I can still function, especially after a good nap. When the blood counts drop, it's a whole new kind of tired.  Pro-crit, which boosts hemoglobin, will most likely be ordered, and then I can begin to figure out more of a long-term balancing act. 
   There's some heartburn beginning, but again, not horrible.  We stopped at a McDonald's today for ice cream or shakes, only to be told 5 minutes later that the machine was out of order! And do you realize there's NEVER a good old basic custard stand when you really want one?  We took the back-road, Rt. 40, home from Baltimore, and it's just good old Americana.  But it seems that tattoo parlors have replaced Dairy Queens at an alarming pace, and we finally got ice cream at home here in South Jersey!!
    It's Mothers Day, and I realize how much I miss my own mother after 8 years.  Wish I could talk to her now about her own illness and how she managed to keep her spirits up for others with such grace.  My 3 kids all called, and a gift of new pajamas was right on target!! 
    Would love to get some comments back on my postings.  How am I doing??  Too wordy??  More technical stuff? 


  1. Keep up the fight, Margie-prayers for you and keep on bloging!!

  2. oh--forgot to mention--Really miss Temple too..such a kind woman that provided so many great childhood memories--(except the fact she always MADE me drink milk at her house)

  3. Thanks, Kelly! I know the milk routine...did it for my own kids, too, and darn proud of it, gosh darn it!! Your mom and dad were the softies, right?? Were we blessed with great parents, or what?