Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Year Older.......

   It's been a very busy and demanding 2 weeks, and I guess the good news is, I've gotten through it.   Finally finished up my school responsibilities last Thursday, July 1, and shifted right into preparation for my oldest daughter and grandson coming to visit the next day.  They left this morning, but in the meantime, my younger daughter flew in to surprise me on Friday!  She'll be with us until Tuesday evening, and then life will return to quiet and dull for awhile!
    Physically, things haven't changed a whole lot.  I could actually feel the adrenalin kicking in those last days of school, and I just kept pushing to get it all done.  I guess it's good to know that the adrenalin thing is still available, even during treatment, when you really NEED it.  My blood work hasn't changed much in weeks, now.  I'm maintaining a hemoglobin level of 11, which I give credit to the procrit for.  Last time around it plunged to almost 9, and those 2 points are a big difference.  I'm a little short of breath, but again, not like the last time.  And my skin is dry, but not horrible.  Every time I have an itch, though, the fear of "riba-rash" induced by the ribavirin goes through my mind.  It is horrible, and I don't want to have to deal with that again.  Say a prayer! 
    This past week was a challenge.  With the kids here, I really resent being tired and having to nap. We had a heat wave, with temps up to 102, which actually slowed down our plans.  But we made it to the shore twice, went out to dinner twice, and then had a grand birthday week-end with family and friends at the house yesterday!  And lots of home and pool time with my 2 year old grandson!!  Oh, there was an emergency room visit in there, also, for a breathing treatment for him and a 2 am discharge from the hospital!!  More adrenalin at work!
    I see the main doctor tomorrow morning for a 12 week check-up.  Anxious to hear what he has to say.  My viral levels are undetectable, which means the meds are working, and I expect him to tell me we are off to a great start and keep it up. 
     I anticipate a quiet week with lots of down time and rest to get recharged for the rest of the summer.  My appetite has been effected some, although I haven't changed my weight much.  My husband is very attentive to my food intake, and without him on my case, I probably wouldn't be as strong as I am.  I love fresh fruit/watermelon right now, and Popsicles!  I tried one of those milkshakes with extra protein in it, and couldn't get past the first sip.  It was like drinking metamucil!!  The regular dr suggested protein powder supplement to add to smoothies or shakes, but I haven't tried that yet.  The good news is I have lots of extra body "mass" and I'm not going to shrink down to nothing!
     Thanks for checking in, and keeping me in your thoughts. Good luck to all of you and each one of those personal struggles that we all have to deal with!!

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