Sunday, June 27, 2010

Status Quo

  Things are pretty much at a status quo right now, which is good.  I am actually stronger and feeling better than I expected to at this point, and I attribute that to starting the procrit early, and also to taking a day off work each week.
   I am still pretty tired on the week-end, after my shots, and I guess I might be crankier than I think I am. (according to my husband). 
   Saw the dr on Wednesday and things seem to be going well from his perspective.  I discussed a new sleep aid, switching to Nexium from Prevlacid, and changing my shot schedule.  I can move the time of my shots by 12 hours each week, to get them more in the middle of the week and then I'll  have some quality time on the week-ends for the summer.
    CANNOT WAIT TO GET DONE WITH SCHOOL!!  3 more days.  I've been operating a lot on adrenaline this last week, and know that I need to crash a day before my daughter and grandson get here for a nice long visit!!!  Thanks for checking in!

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