Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lab work is in

Well, the confirmation genotype lab work came in this week.  Just as suspected, it confirms that I am a gen 1a, not a 3.   I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that I endured 6 months of grueling treatment and complications for nothing.  It even states right on the first lab results that a gen 3 is typically treated for 24 weeks, but that a gen 1a always requires 48 weeks of treatment!
    The good news is the viral load is undetected (UD) at this point, which ups my chances of totally beating this thing.  The other up side is now I am considered a first time treater again, since I was not properly treated the first time.  Statistically, that also ups my chances of reaching SVR (sustained viral reduction).
    Still pretty wiped out from fatigue, but otherwise hanging in there.  Did my second shot of procrit last night, but know that it is too early for it to really be kicking in.  I'm anxious to see my hemoglobin levels; have sort of lost track of them in the past few weeks.
    I still have 8 days of school left, so I'm plodding along with no thought of anything but getting my work finished so I can totally relax and take things at my own pace.  Thanks for checking in!!

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